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Different Varieties of Mangoes in India

0 Don’t know your Banganpalli from your Neelam? With 16 Different Varieties of Mango Available This Summer, Join the Mango Festival at I Say Organic!
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It’s summer. It’s hot. Yet the one relief we all can share is that it is mango season!  From mango ice cream, mango smoothies, mango puddings and more, there is no stopping a happy mango from making it into your and your loved ones meals. Here at I Say Organic we are dedicated to not only bring you 100% organic mangoes, but to also provide you the best tasting mango varieties from our partner farmers. Straight from the mineral rich state of Andhra Pradesh, our mangoes have been grown in a unique combination of a warm climate and red soils. The high moisture retention of the soil makes it a perfect source for growing the loveliest mangoes.

Did you know – Mangoes from Andhra Pradesh in general are in very high demand from mango lovers in the US, Europe, East Asia and the Middle East – with over 500 tonnes exported from the state every year!

This area of India is perfect for growing fruits – so much so that using any additional inputs to grow fruit is considered unwise by the traditional farmers – which is why we want to bring you the best organic mangoes from Andhra Pradesh there are.

Beautiful soil + perfect weather + organically grown = Best Mangoes Around.


To help you navigate the all the lovely mangoes in the I Say Organic Mango Festival, we have created a handy guide of a few of our favourites:


Also known as Peddarasalu, this orange yellow mango can be used for juices and pulp for all your favourite recipes.  With a succulent texture and deep flavor, this mango can be added to all of your smoothies, yogurt, juices, jams and jellies.  The best part? It comes loaded with carotenes for Vitamin A.



This is similar in taste to a Safeda from North India, and you can call this one of the popular kids at school. Renowned as one of the juiciest from Andhra Pradesh, you can find its bright yellow colour, sweet taste and fiberless texture used in a variety of ways. The bright and round Banganpalli is one of the most well-liked types of mango!


A beauty of a mango! With an attractive golden yellow colour, smooth shape, taste and distinctive aroma, this mango makes everyone a fan. While available throughout the season, the tastiest Neelams start arriving in May and June. It is a mango to fall in love with!

Alampur Benishan

Often incorrectly spelt as Baneshan, this prized mango can be found with a skin colour ranging from green, to yellow, to golden yellow, to an orange yellow. The mango has a depth of flavour that is slightly tart with hints of cinnamon, pepper and jackfruit. The green skin can remain even after ripening although there can be a slight yellow or blush colour by the stalk to give you the green light to eat.



Mallika is a cross between a Neelam mango and a Dasheri.  This mango is incredibly sweet and has prominent citrus, melon and honey notes. Its superb flavour makes it a perfect staple mango for fruit juices or to eat on its own!

Check out additional mango recipes click here:

How many of these varieties have you had? Tell us and share your mango cool down on our Facebook page!  

We will constantly be updating our website with the newest varieties of mangoes so try them all & discover your favourite!

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