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Best Foods For When You Travel

June 20, 2016 at 4:18 PM  •  Posted in Food that heals, Healthy Snacks and Drinks by  •  0 Comments

Beaches, mountains, museums, new cultures – there’s so much we look forward to when you’re travelling. And while some people also enjoy the actual travel itself, the plane rides and airport duty free carousels, the one thing everyone is united on is our collective hatred of airline and airport food.

Shriveled by cold or heat, overcooked and shockingly expensive, food at airports and in airplanes can also be unhealthy. And in planes, your body is under pressure to get enough oxygen as well as dealing with humidity levels that are 10 per cent lower than normal – which means that you feel dehydrated and low on energy.

What’s the solution?

Buy organic products online and make up little bags of food for your trip. This is smart, healthy and ensures that you arrive in the best shape for your holiday, than on the verge of falling ill because of unhealthy eating.

Pull the throttle on hydration

There’s a whole host of rules and regulations associated with flying today. From sharp objects and implements to liquids, there’s a sense of worry associated with packing and travelling today. Liquids, in particular, are a major stress point. You worry about hydration – but buying bottled water everywhere is expensive, and very environment-unfriendly. A genius solution is to carry a reusable water bottle. You can also choose to carry a water bag, which can be rolled, and fill up on drinking water in airports.

Bonus: Create a mix of salt and sugar or carry sachets of electrolyte powder like Electral for particularly long flights. Mix a spoonful’s worth to your water and get juiced!

Pack these snacks and foods

Between the unappetizing sandwiches and reheated mush passed off as pasta, airport and airline food is, well, to say the least, not fresh. It doesn’t even feel healthy. What you need to do is figure out a combination of foods that make for a balanced diet, are not perishable and are also easy to carry.

When it comes to protein, you can rely on sources like nuts, beans and veggies. You can keep handfuls of almonds and walnuts in re-sealable plastic bags or containers. You can make a great meal with hummus and cut raw veggies in a container. You can also make hummus sandwiches wrapped tightly for a more substantial meal. Hummus actually tastes better cold.

Up your fibre content. Salads with chickpeas or rajma and boiled organic vegetables, with a dash of olive oil, lemon juice and chilli flakes, are also great as they don’t need to be hot. You can also add the nuts to these to make for a power-packed meal. You can also prepare salads with spinach leaves, tofu and grains – the tofu soaks up any liquid so you’re left with a dry, yet delicious salad.

Energise with homemade granola bars. They take very little space, and make for snacks during your trip as well. You can tuck them into your bags and carry them around during your journey and your vacation.

For a healthy sweet treat, dried fruit like raisins and apple rings, or even fresh fruit like plums and oranges are a great idea. Dark chocolate pieces are also a great idea, especially when combined with fruit. They make for a burst of flavour and endorphins up in the air. You could also make fruit roll-ups – fruit sandwiched between slices of flattened bread that is shallow fried or baked with honey.

Hearty bakes like muffins and breads, both sweet and savoury, quick refuelling in convenient sizes. Banana bread is a particular favourite.

Seek out collapsible containers and re-usable, re-sealable plastic bags. Remember, you will be reusing them on the journey home, and they’re also handy for packing as well as bringing back exotic treats from your holiday. Bon voyage and bon appetit!

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