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Apple Cider Vinegar – The Golden Liquid

January 31, 2018 at 1:01 PM  •  Posted in More than cooking by  •  0 Comments

Apple Cider Vinegar is basically, an all rounder. That kid in class who knew everything and did everything & was just that good. But you shouldn’t envy this kid here, instead make best friends with it and welcome it to your everyday life!
We are sure you have heard of Apple Cider Vinegar’s plethora of health benefits, from lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol to preventing types of cancer, helping with diabetes and facilitating weight-loss. So in addition, here are some lesser known, interesting and handy facts & uses that can ensure you make it a part of your household.

What is it though?

ACV is a sour liquid made during a fermentation process that converts sugar to alcohols and then the alcohol into acetic acid. Apple cider vinegar, which has about 5% acidity, comes from apples and plain water.

And how does it help?


1. The Energizer

Substitute the synthetic colours, chemicals and sugar from the processed energy drinks with this golden liquid. It’s known to boost your energy & immunity while also helping with digestive issues. A couple of tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with a full glass of water can make the difference between a productive energy driven day versus a snooze-fest. If you’re prone to heartburn, try adding some baking soda to the mix.

2. Detox!

Apple Cider Vinegar is full of enzymes and good bacteria. It contains acetic acid, which has been shown to lower and maintain the right blood pressure and help break down starch. Clear out your system with this simple detox!

3. Cures Skin Irritation

Remember that episode in Friends where Monica gets stung by a Jellyfish? Do you also remember what Ross and Joey had  to do to stop the pain?  Well, you don’t necessarily have to do that! Be it a Jellyfish sting, a bug bite or poison ivy, ACV can help prevent the painful irritation & side effects. All you have to do is apply the solution directly to where the rash is. It also acts as a natural antihistamine – giving relief to someone with a nasal congestion and sneezing due to dust or allergic reactions.




4. ACV, The Home Dentist

Apple cider vinegar is also known for improving overall mouth health by killing “bad” bacteria and fostering healthy bacteria.

Whitening of the Teeth
The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar helps remove plaque from teeth and remedy stains caused by smoking or drinking red wine or coffee. To try this, rub a small amount of apple cider vinegar mixed with baking soda onto your teeth or use it as a mouth wash mixed with water. Repeated use will show results and remove stains over time. Also, ensure you rinse your mouth afterwards to prevent the acid from damaging the enamel on your teeth.

Prevents Bad Breath
This is a much cleaner alternative to most commercial mouthwashes.Dilute 1 tbsp. of ACV into a cup of water and you’re good to gargle!

Keeps Your Toothbrush Squeaky Clean
– it does so because of  it’s antibacterial properties. Mix 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda into a cup of water and leave your brush in for half an hour. Make sure you rinse your brush well before you use it.

5. Cramps’ Control!

Take a teaspoon of unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar (can hyperlink this to our product) with a cup of warm water before meals, three times daily.  It regulates clotting and therefore reduces the duration of the period and the amount of blood lost, preventing anemia. Its potassium and calcium can also reduce cramping by easing the muscles in the uterus. Increasing the said intake by a bit can also help with excessive menstrual bleeding. However, we suggest you take medical advice from your doctor in case of this.

6. Hella’ Hiccups

Hiccups can get to anyone, anywhere, any time. It’s funny till a point, but if it just doesn’t seem to go away, it gets to you. And it feels like you’ll have to hiccup forever. Unless- you have ACV in your house! Just pour a teaspoon of it with a little bit of water and drink up to stop the hic-cup!

7. Remedy for Cold and Respiratory Issues

Be it a sore throat, cough & cold or  too much karaoke, ACV has got your back! Blending it into a warm drink made of honey, lemon and cinnamon can help get rid of the throat ache/irritation. One can even boil it with water and inhale to clear sinuses or to help with other respiratory problems such as cold, asthma, bronchitis, allergy, etc.



1. All Things Facial

A simple mix of 1 part ACV and 2 parts water makes for a brilliant facial regime!  Add some raw honey to the mixture if your skin is dry. Then rinse with warm water.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural astringent, which means it absorbs the excess oil in your skin, tightens pores, reduces inflammation, removes dirt, and softens your skin. It’s a powerbank of elements that help prevent or cure acne, keep your face clean and young.

 2. Sunburn Relief

Sunburns can be harsh. Be it because of the city heat or an unplanned visit to the beach, they are painful and dangerous. The cure – dilute a little bit of ACV in some water and pat on the sore skin, or add a cupful to your bath. It’s simple, its effective, it’s chemical free!

3.Bye Bye, Bruises!

Bruises like to leave a mark. For a long, long time. Using ACV can help them fade away quicker —its anti-inflammatory properties help minimize the purple and painful looking stamp.

4. Your Hair’s Best Friend

It’s everything you ever wanted for you hair. It conditions, moisturizes your hair, prevents dandruff and split ends- leaving your hair healthy, shiny  & tangle free. It’s also known to fix balding spots of hair!  Mix equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar with equal parts water, pour the mixture over your hair and massage. Leave it in for a few minutes before washing it out. If you have sensitive skin, then you should try doing this with a weaker dilution first.

5. The All Natural Deodrant

Most commercial deodorants are antiperspirants, which block your ability to sweat. Sweating is one of our body’s natural means of detoxification and blocking it’s ability to do so can block your ability to detoxify. These deodorants are also laden with a bunch of chemicals and synthetic fragrances that one shouldn’t ideally be using. Apple Cider Vinegar absorbs and neutralizes the unwanted scents because of it’s antibacterial properties. Simply mix some ACV with little amounts of water to make a deodorizer at home!


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1.Rinsing Agent, Cleanser and Whitener of Your Clothes!

Vinegar is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to treating stains, softening water, and boosting regular laundry detergents when used in the same quantity during a wash.  

2. Trap Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can be a pest. Luckily, it’s really easy to use apple cider vinegar to make a cheap fruit fly trap. Simply pour some apple cider vinegar into a cup, add a few drops of dish soap (so that any trapped flies sink) and you’re good to go.

3. Silver Lining

Losing the shine on that silver jewelry of yours? Mix 1/2 cup ACV and 2 tbsp. baking soda and let the jewelry sit in the mixture for a few hours. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.Sit back, look at it shine.

4.  Treating Unwanted Weeds

If you were wondering what else our good ol’ Apple  Cider Vinegar could do, here’s another point down your list – it  helps get rid of unwanted weed from your beautiful home garden. Spray undiluted vinegar on the weeds- and that’s it! You can also try mixing it with soap and lemon juice as sometimes that’s more effective.

5. The All Purpose Cleaner

They say..or we say, if you have things that have unpronounceable ingredients written on the back of their cover- you shouldn’t use them at home. Ever check out the commercial cleaners/sprays for your kitchen or the house in general? Yup.. a bit too complicated, a bit too chemically induced.
Substitute these harsh products for this common kitchen ingredient to help keep your home sparkling and clean. Its a non-toxic, odor-absorbing, antibacterial alternative to harsh chemicals. Mix equal parts water and ACV to produce your home made, all organic, all purpose cleaner!



1. Clean Salad Dressings

Apple Cider Vinegar makes for a healthy ingredient for your salad dressings. It has a strong, unique flavor that once blended with different ingredients like honey, olive oil, garlic etc can produce some bold and beautiful flavours- something that won’t let your salad be boring.

2. Food Preservative

Just like other types of vinegar, apple cider vinegar is an effective preservative.It works by making the food more acidic, which deactivates its enzymes and kills any bacteria in the food that may cause spoilage.

3. Allows Vegans to bake!Blueberry-Buttermilk-Pancakes

Add 1 table spoon of  ACV to dairy free milk (soy, almond, etc) and let it sit to curdle. This gives us vegan/dairy free “buttermilk” for baking!
Check out a delicious recipe for Vegan Buttermilk Pancakes here! 

 4. Keep Your Veggies & Fruits Au Naturel & Clean

Pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables is unwanted. No matter how organic you are, there are certain germs and bacteria that like to hang out with your fruit and veg. Washing them in ACV helps remove pesticides and it also kills dangerous bacteria on food like E. coli and Salmonella

5. Marinade & Roasts

Apple Cider Vinegar helps in tenderizing the meat and add a rich, unique flavor.

6. Clean Up (after all that cooking)!

The only place where you should smell the fish is in the dish.  ACV helps in removing the smell of garlic, onions, fish or anything with a pungent aroma from your hands! Pour a tablespoon or two on your hands as you wash them with some water to keep them clean and smell-free!

Remember our home made all purpose cleanser? Use that to keep your kitchen surface clean after all your cooking!


If you wish to make this super liquid a part of your kitchen, buy it here!


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