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Advocating organic food with Kanika Sharma

November 10, 2015 at 12:26 PM  •  Posted in Why say organic? by  •  0 Comments

Going organic is a choice, and increasingly, an indicator of the kind of lifestyle one wants to live. We spoke to Kanika Sharma, an advocate at the Delhi High Court, about her experiences with going organic.

Could you tell us something about you and your family?

We’re a family of four – my dad and I are advocates; he’s been in law for over 30 years. And I am a practising lawyer at the Delhi High Court. My mother has been a teacher in a public school since 1985, and my younger brother is studying law now. Yes, another lawyer in the family!

Tell us, what made you decide to go organic?

To be honest, we didn’t go organic because of existing health concerns. There weren’t any pressing issues that had to be rectified. It was more of a holistic decision we took after learning about how much pesticide we use in India, its long term effects like cancer and the dangers from consuming this kind of produce. If it doesn’t make you ill in the long term, you’ll definitely feel ill when you’re learning about it.

Would you say organic food is different? Especially food from I Say Organic?

Organic food tastes so much better – even the simplest of dishes now are more delicious. The body’s digestive processes are easier, you feel full of energy and lethargy etc. are forgotten. I found I Say Organic while surfing the net, and thank God. Your veggies are a big hit at home!

We are very open about the fact that organic food costs more. Was that a factor, in these days of increasing inflation?

Initially, yes, I did wonder if it was worth spending the extra money. But after tasting the produce, experiencing the difference, as a family, we decided to continue eating organic, and making a conscious choice to spend less on other things like fast food, etc.

So you’re even spending healthy now! That’s great. What are the benefits of going organic on your physical or mental health?

Oh, so many. More energy, better immunity – the benefits on overall health are immense. But I have to say, I am super relieved that my most important concern, that of long-term effects of pesticides and chemicals on our health, is now not a worry. I know we’re eating fresh and clean.

Why would you say it’s important to switch to organic food?

Because that’s the easiest step to getting healthier, and frankly, nothing else is as important as being healthy. We can work, play and enjoy ourselves only when we are healthy. Any amount of money spent on clothes, makeup or cars is pointless if you are not well, or if you have long term issues. And if you can ensure that by simply eating better…

What do you feel about environment sustainability? Does organic help in any way?

Oh absolutely. We were aware of how the soil is affected with pesticide use and becomes unfit for growing crops and in a vicious circle, leads back to us. We really need to figure out how to live naturally in our environment and let it keep us healthy.

What’s your advice to people who’re trying to get healthier?

I would suggest that everyone go organic, especially after verifying the background of the food products. We should be vigilant about what we eat because that is the force that keeps us alive.

How has I Say Organic helped you eat healthier? Would you recommend us to anyone else?

I already have, to friends and family. I would definitely recommend to others as well! With I Say Organic, we don’t need to go looking for reliable vendors – fresh food comes to us, in the comfort of our home. And the service is beyond compare. The way produce comes neatly packed in eco-friendly paper bags, ready to be stored properly – frankly anyone who experiences your products will be convinced to go organic just by that!

Kanika Sharma is an advocate practising in the Delhi High Court. She strongly advocates the cause of eating and growing organic food. If you’ll like to speak with her about her experience of going organic, get in touch with us at or leave a message in the comments below.


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