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20 Healthy Smoothies To Kick-Start Your 2017 Resolutions!

January 10, 2017 at 4:17 PM  •  Posted in I Say Organic Home Made, smoothies by  •  0 Comments

At I Say Organic, we make it a point to start our day with a glass of smoothie or juice. Trust us, it kickstarts your day with an energy boost! As smoothies are convenience, health and taste in one package, we’re always that much happier.  It can be had on the go, it’s full of nutrients and it can replace your morning tea or coffee for that extra shot of health.

Start your day right

A smoothie made of organic vegetables and fruits delivers a healthy, nutrient-packed beginning to your day. This is the first thing you’ll eat and it will not only fuel your body for your morning ahead but also help your body detox thanks to the various benefits of the fruits and vegetables.

The liquid element

While water is our basic ingredient when blending smoothies, we also like to experiment with fresh, unsweetened juices, coconut water or milk, nut milks or milk made from our organic milk powder. The latter add a dewy, familiar texture to the smoothie and make it more filling too. You can also use brewed green tea or brewed and cooled espresso to spice up your mornings. While we’ve tried to specify what to use where, feel free to experiment when you like.

Sweet or Tart

Jaggery powder, honey, bananas and coconut milk lend sweetness to these smoothies – so if you like that sweet aftertaste, choose these. If you prefer your smoothies tart, then use lemons, oranges or mosambis for added flavour.

Here are our favourite smoothie recipes for a healthy 2017!

1. Orange Kale Cooler

Blend 2 cups of fresh kale with 2 cups of freshly squeezed orange juice, diluting with water if needed. You can also add peeled oranges and a banana for sweetness or ½ a lime if you like your smoothie tart.

2. Pineapple Gooseberry Colada

Blend 2 cups of peeled and chopped pineapples with half a cup of gooseberries. Add orange juice or water and honey, or make it tropical with coconut milk.

3. Let-us Pineapple

Pineapple chunks blended with nut milk, bananas and lettuce? Delicious. Try it for yourself.

4. Red Apple Stinger

Blend carrots with pineapple chunks, a banana and ginger pieces for a spicy-sweet smoothie base – use coconut water for a more fluid version or nut milk for a heartier smoothie.

5. Chia Smoothie

Blend apples, a banana, nut milk and chia seeds together for a textured smoothie.

6. Carrot Cake Smoothie

Yes. You read that right. This is carrot cake in a glass. Blend boiled and cooled carrots, a banana, nut milk, 1 cup of pineapple chunks, walnuts and grated coconut. Mix in pinches of cinnamon and nutmeg. Top with shredded carrots, coconut flakes, and crushed walnuts. Enjoy.

7. Spinach and Chia Smoothie

What apples can do, spinach does better. Blend spinach, a banana, pineapple chunks and chia seeds for a superfood smoothie that will keep you humming.

8. Guava Greenster

Blend a couple of guavas with green tea brew and coconut water for a refreshing, healthy smoothie. You can also add a banana for sweetness.

9. Gooseberry Godzilla

Not for the faint-hearted, this smoothie involves blending gooseberries, spinach, bananas and if you’re brave, green tea. Else choose coconut water sweetened with honey and work your taste buds up to it.

10. Coffeecado

Brew espresso the day before and let chill in the fridge. In the morning, blend the espresso with a ripe avocado and coconut milk for that rare caffeinated smoothie that also is healthy. Add jaggery powder to sweeten if needed.

11. Apple & Beet Smoothie

This vibrant smoothie will put the roses into your cheeks. Blend apples with raw or boiled beets, some ginger, and the juice of 1 lime. You can add honey for sweetness or coconut milk for texture. You can also add brewed and cooled green tea for that health gold star,

12. Apple Pie Smoothie

Blend apple chunks with cinnamon, nutmeg and nut milk for a sweet smoothie experience. If you use unpeeled apples, the smoothie will be more textured. Sweeten with honey drizzled on top.

13. Orange You Glad Smoothie

Blend two peeled oranges with coconut milk, fresh ginger to taste, cinnamon, cardamom, clove powder and coconut milk for a fresh morning beverage.

14. Pumpkin Smoothie

Blend a banana with boiled and cooled pumpkin pieces or pumpkin puree, nut milk, honey, ginger and cinnamon. Healthy bottoms up!

15. Green Goddess Smoothie

Blend spinach, a banana and avocado with nut milk or coconut milk for a green yet creamy smoothie. Bonus: you can substitute spinach with broccoli!

16. Papaya Smoothie

Blend a cup of papaya chunks with a guava, lemon juice and ginger for a spicy-sweet fruit smoothie.

17. Cucumber Smoothie

We heart cooling cucumber. Especially good for weight loss, this smoothie is made by blitzing together cucumber, lime juice, spinach, an apple and mint leaves with coconut water. Sweeten with honey.

18. Coco Jambo

This smoothie is almost like dessert, for those of you who love sweets. Blend a frozen banana with coconut milk and coconut flakes or freshly grated coconut. Add honey to sweeten or blend in dates. Top with coconut flakes and eat – we mean drink!

19. Beetanar

Blend beets, an apple or a banana and pomegranate seeds together for a sweet, red smoothie that will have you smiling. Add ginger for a kick.

20. Cashew Coaster

Blend raw whole cashews with orange juice, nut milk and pineapple chunks – you can add a banana for a sweet taste or gooseberries for a tart flavour. Add cinnamon and chia seeds as topping and drink up!


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