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10 Ways To Eat Healthier In 2017

January 3, 2017 at 4:08 PM  •  Posted in More than cooking, Nutrition by  •  0 Comments

2017 might go down in history – as the year you changed your life and health for the better.

I Say Organic makes it easier to make a difference this year – by breaking your transformation into tiny steps you can take every day.

Practice the See-food diet

Make healthier food easy to see and grab. Place foods like nuts, veggies and trail mix in see-through glass containers that are on the counter. You’ll grab these more often than junk food, which if you must keep at home, keep in dark boxes on the top shelf.

Play the substitute 

Whole-wheat instead of refined, olive oil instead of ranch, nut milks instead of dairy milk -  simple, healthy substitutions in your daily meals add up to a whole lot of change. Make a pact with yourself to choose healthier for two weeks – and you’ll find that not only do you not miss the fatty foods, but you feel stronger about choosing healthy each time.

Veggies first

When you’re shopping, shop for your veggies first. This way, you fill up your cart or basket and then add fewer items like chips or preservative-laden juices. Similarly, when you’re serving yourself, plate the salad first, and then rice or pasta or rotis.

Beverage up

Love juices? Then switch to fresh, home-made ones or smoothies. Or dilute a glass of juice with a glass of water. Or even make a home-made concentrate, sans preservatives, and drink up.

Get real

Eat as much real food as possible – even if you crave ice cream, simply blend a frozen banana and treat yourself instead of reaching out for something with sugar. If you’re craving chips, consider making kale chips instead of reaching for potato ones.

Sugar out, honey and jaggery in

Yes, yes, yes, you need that morning cuppa. But we’re saying stop sugar, and use organic honey or jaggery instead. It still satisfies your sweet tooth, and doesn’t ravage your system like white sugar does.

Give every meal 20 minutes

Even if you’re eating healthy, you might end up eating more than your body needs. When you spread your meal over at least 20 minutes, you’re giving your body enough time to send your brain signals that it’s full. Most of us bolt our meals within 10-15 minutes, and thus end up eating more than we need. Put a timer and give yourself 20.

Reorder your kitchen

Healthy items on top or in front, unhealthy at the bottom or the back. From your fridge to your larder and even your snack cupboard, make sure that the organic stuff is out there where it will catch your eye and fancy.

Change your tableware

Use larger glasses for water, slimmer ones for juices and alcohol. Use smaller plates, and thus eat lesser portions – your brain and eye contrast the size of your plate with your serving and thus a smaller plate means a smaller serving. And try to use plates that are brightly coloured – the higher contrast between food and plate, the less you will put on it.

Plan for leftovers

Healthy, home-cooked meals are always better – whether with leftovers or planned meals. Ideally, we need to avoid wastage and make small meals – but making an extra portion for the next day helps you eat healthy at work, or not indulge in eating out. What’s more, when you’re cooking for two meals, you’re that much more motivated to ensure they’re innovative and tasty.

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